How to stop your period – and whether it is safe to do this


Considering that menstrual cycle launches for women starting approximately from their 12 years of age, and may go on up to quiquagenarian age, we may calculate that an average women experiences 8 years of courses at a stretch, so if you ask yourself each month how to stop your period some days earlier, welcome to the club of those who want to live these 8 years with maximum comfort.

When the menstrual period is long, there are several possible reasons

First explanation to consider: long period may be a physiological peculiarity of your organism. We have different bodies and different genes, so for one woman 3 days make the normal length of cycle, while for the other one it is the whole lot of 7 days.

If you are fit, healthy, in harmony with your body, if your cycle is regular and it is stably long – when it is natural and the wisest path for you to follow is to tolerate it once a month.

Also, long-term and excessive bleeding (longer than 7 days) may be the consequence of an internal medical problem (such as polyps in uterus, oncology disease, inflammatory state of genitals, or thyroid insufficiency). In such a case, the first thing to consider is not how to stop period but how to treat a major illness. A visit to a doctor is a must.

In exceptional circumstances, having sound reasons for such a step, you may use these tips telling you how to make your period stop – but never overuse them. Remember that it may be easy to shift your cycle, but them you may have difficulties in renewing a balance. Here we mention several inoffensive ways. Even if they fail to guarantee an immediate result, they surely will do no harm to your health.

If you are considering how to end your period early, one of effective solutions is to reduce the intake of meat: consuming less meat during the cycle, you are likely to shorten it.

Also, if you systematically notice long and abundant flows during the courses, you should monitor your iron status. Blood composition influences directly your monthly routine of menstrual cycle.

When practiced on regular basis, yoga may help to stop your period early: stretching reduces pain and also shortens the courses. It method works only on condition of persistent training. At the same time, it has two major benefits:

  • this activity is good for overall wellbeing (especially as for inverted asanas which are beneficial for pelvic organs);
  • you can practice yoga all month long without a break for your “bad week”: the training load is mild and it can help in making the bleeding stop earlier.

Take care of your case and don’t trust every tip you find in the Internet. Everything you can find on any website will not make up for a visit to a gynecologist.