How to stop your period for a day with a minimum risk for your health


Is it possible, and supposing it is, how to stop your period for a day in a safe way? Which are the most popular solutions for breaking the cycle?

Our period not always comes ‘in time’. At a young age, when the cycle has not established yet, bleeding may begin when it is especially unwelcome and unexpected: during vacations or right before a romantic date.

If your bleeding had already started and now you are in search for an answer how to make your period stop for a day, you will definitely not find an answer here. It is vitally important to know what measures we should avoid, so that not to come across hasteful suggestion.

So, what solutions are to be kept clear of when you are trying to find out how to make your period stop for a day?

It is very dangerous to try taking haemostatics without consulting the doctor – on forums, it is one of the often advised ways to stop your period for a day, and one of the least secure, too. Steer clear of this solution. Bleeding can become less abundant, but menstruation consists not only of blood. Together with blood, it contains endometrium which is also being separated. And endometrium must by all means go off the uterus. Otherwise, a dangerous inflammatory state may arise.

Some women report that taking in the important amounts of drugs based on vitamin K helps to cut off the bleeding the second day. Mind that synthetic forms of vitamin K are potentially toxic. In the USA they are banned from the over-the-counter sale for that reason. And as for taking large amounts of vitamin K with foods sources containing it – you will have difficulty taking in an amount large enough to influence coagulation of blood.

One more widely discussed on women forums tips is a treatment by Dicynone. This drug is based on haemostatic agent Ethamsylate. Here is the same nuance as mentioned in our general analysis of haemostatics: it can positively stop bleeding, but this may entail issues related to the endometrium. If the endometrium fails to be evacuated from the uterus, it provokes severe complications.

If you intend to stop you period for a day, make sure at least to take the measures to do it when the first part of bleeding days had passed. For example, if your normal length of a menstrual period makes 6 days, it will take less efforts to cut the cycle short when you are taking measures after the first 3 days. Thus, the major amount of blood has already emerged.

Everything in our organism is conceptualized by nature, and trying to conquer it may be touchy.

Looking for how to stop a period for a day is acceptable only under a gynecologist’s surveillance, and if the doctor discourages you from your intention, you’d better accept and not trying self-medication.

P.S. In this article we hadn’t discussed taking control over flows with a help of hormones, as we have this topic explored in our other articles.