How to postpone your period with natural medicine


Menstrual bleeding is a totally normal process in lifecycle of a woman of fertile age, but it often is complicated by excessive flows which exhaust the woman and affect her well-being, and in such a case we start to consider how to stop a period. It is commonly known that women practicing sports professionally apply some little tricks, but is it safe and what consequences can be?

In case of breakthrough bleeding, when sanitary protection has to be changed every half an hour, it is definitely not the topic of this article but a life-or-death matter. Every minute counts. Seek medical help as quickly as possible.

Despite many popular ways to stop your period, remember that sanitary protection and the drugs reducing the PMS symptoms may help to pass through these days comfortably.

Anyway, if you are determined to learn how to stop your period, here are some mild solutions which do not interfere with the natural lifecycle of woman’s organism.

  1. Be active. By that we mean an active lifestyle with sport and regular sexual contacts. It is statistically proved that women who practice sport on regular basis have a shorter period. As for sexual life, orgasms reduce the symptoms of PMS. And even without orgasm, the contraction of muscles in uterus helps to evacuate blood in a more effective way, and the uterus thus is cleared faster.
  2. How can I stop my period: dietary solution. The general approach is not to overeat. Overweight sooner or later leads eventually to the moves in cycle. And if the eating habits are stable, as well as the calories intake, it is easier for your organism to come with the period regularly. Thus, it is easier for your monitor and to control the cycle.

How do I stop my period with nettle?

Nettle leaves are considered as a haemostatic remedy. It may actually help. The general lay-out is the following: we take one tablespoon of dry nettle leaves and add 250 ml of hot water. You will have a strong herbal tea. Drink about 400 ml daily. Your period will end faster. This remedy is not meant for women who are in thrombosis risk group.

Stop my period with pepper plant (water pepper)

This remedy is considered one of the most effective. To make a brew, we take 5 tablespoons of dry plants and add 500 ml of hot water. The brew is to be boiled for 5 minutes and then to infuse for three hours. 100 ml of the brew are to be taken 2-3 times a day. This remedy is to be taken in advance, several days before the date when you expect your bleeding to begin. It will make the flows shorter. Note that this plant has abortive characteristics. If you are pregnant and you don’t know it, water pepper may provoke an abortion with bleeding and major blood loss.

Before applying any measures meant to stop the bleeding earlier before it actually begins, ascertain you are not pregnant.