How to shorten your period: natural means


The length of period is considered normal if courses are flowing 3-8 days, and probably you would like to know how to shorten your period and make it less uncomfortable.

For some women, the bleeding means just some days of break in their usual activities, and it often feels like a real disease with fatigue, headaches, vertigos and other unpleasant symptoms. Logical (seemingly) assumption comes, that if you make your period stop earlier, it will insure you against these problems.

The things are not that simple.

First of all, unpleasant symptoms listed above are often related to premenstrual syndrome. That means, that they come before bleeding. And even if you find and test on you the ways to shorten your period of bleeding, it is not meant to protect you from premenstrual inconveniences.

Secondly, good news for you, too: by improving your general health condition, you may both make your organism bleed less, and tolerate the inconveniences better.

How to shorten a period without using pills

We are not talking here about control on cycle with a help of hormones. We have more information on this issue in other articles on our website. What is more, the use of hormonal drugs should be considered for your individual case by your gynecologist.

As for non-hormonal drugs, there are such medicaments as Lysteda which was created specifically for women with excessive blood loss during the period. This medical product reestablished the level of protein responsible for blood coagulation and consequently bleeding shortens.

It is also often expected that intrauterine device makes the period shorten and lighter. The IUD is safe and reliable only for women who are in relations with a steady sexual partner. Remember that the main purpose of IUD is contraception, and its efficiency for lightening the bleeding varies on individual basis.

Consider such a small detail as your tampon dimensions, too. When the tampon is too big, it may injure the mucous membrane of vagina (which is especially sensitive during the bleeding), and cause additional bleeding. Avoiding this factor, we reduce traumatism and get less flow of blood.

How to shorten your period naturally

Use of herbs could serve as answer to a question how to shorten a period. Some herbs are used for this purpose for centuries. For example, you may try raspberry leaf tea. It reduces the period mildly and naturally in case we start drinking it in a week before the bleeding and continue during it.

Excessive bleeding may arrive after insolation, hot bath or visit to sauna. If the organism gives such a response, it is necessary to reduce such factors because they may be harmful for your overall health condition.

How can I shorten my period: some more tips

Benefits and disadvantages of exercises. Regular exercises may reduce and lighten bleeding. Some exercises strengthen pelvic muscles and reduce fat depots in pelvic zone.

Statistically, girls who spend 1 hour per day in gym, experience less malaise and less blood losses.

On the other hand, exercises should be a part of lifestyle and in any case shouldn’t serve as a method to lighten the bleeding when it is actually in progress.

Note: if your bleeding continues more than a week, it may be a signal of such medical condition as polyps, oncological diseases and inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs.

In this case, the prior goal is not shortening the period, but defining the reason for its excessive length and – if necessary – treating the underlying disease.