How to make your period start earlier?


Do you want to find out how to make your period start several days earlier than usual? We analyze for you some ways, with their relevant advantages and disadvantages.

It is often advised to use folk medicine for the purpose in question. In this article we will not cover such ways, because we have already several articles about ways to get your period start by natural means. Here we concentrate mainly on medical solutions of the problem.

To understand your cycle

Female organism is very complicated. Menstrual cycle consists of 3 phases, each phase lasting for specific period of time. We should act carefully, using scientifically justified information, in order to avoid negative future consequences of our intrusion.

To begin with, there might be various reasons for your period not coming. Depending on the reason, we take measures to redress the situation.

Your cycle is a proof of your fertility, and your fertility is incompatible with stress. So, if you constantly experience stressful situations, it may be a reason for your courses retards.

How to get your period to start: dangers to avoid

In case unprotected sex took place and supposing you want now to avoid pregnancy, there is one method – not very good for reproductive health and hormonal balance, but still preferable to abortion. Many women resort to such a solution for emergency contraception as Postinor (and nowadays there many other improved versions of morning after pills). If after the sexual transaction no more than 1-2 days passed (otherwise, it is aimless), Postinor (or its analogues) can prevent pregnancy. And in this case period will start in several days. So, technically, it can work as one of the ways to get your period to start. If the period fails to start, then the emergency contraception didn’t work.

Consider that this method should be used only to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. When the period starts after the use of Postinor and the likes, it just indicates that the method worked. In any case shouldn’t such products be used with the aim to induce your period.

Before trying any pharmaceutical method, you’d better consult a doctor.

Some more innocent ways to hasten your period:

  • active sexual life and especially sexual contacts with orgasms before (in 1-2 days in advance) the date you want your courses to begin: sexual activity makes them come faster, and orgasms reduce the unpleasant aspects of PMS;
  • in absence of problems related to blood pressure and blood vessels, you may try hot baths;
  • consult our articles about getting the courses to flow with a help of herbal teas and vitamins;
  • add more red meat to your diet: it will ensure the organism that is has enough resources to organize the next small loss of blood;
  • avoid stressful situations: for your organism, each stress is a reason to postpone the courses.

To sum up: it is tempting to assume total control on a menstrual cycle, without having to ask oneself and Google how can I make my period start. Nevertheless, such experiments are not to be overused. Breaking the natural cycle may provoke severe health problems developing into an absolute sterility.