How to make your period come?


When the period is being late for several days, the first idea to consider is gestation; but what if you have reasons to be certain that pregnancy is excluded and the issue is narrowed to how to make your period come?

One point to clarify: it is vitally important to find out precisely if you are pregnant. For this purpose, urine pregnancy test is not enough. Make a human chorionic gonadotrophin test – it is more accurate for finding out eventual pregnancy.

Otherwise, if you found out how to make period come and are going to apply these methods at home, being not aware of pregnancy, you may cause abortion with bleeding very difficult to stop (remember the movie Revolutionary Road?)

If the factor of pregnancy is absolutely excluded, let’s go on with the ideas how to make your period come faster naturally. To achieve this goal, it is often enough to remove the factors which provoked a shift in period dates. That is, if we conquer the obstacles which interfered with our cycle, it will renew. What are these factors?

Change of dietary pattern or climate conditions and your cycle

In case of major changes of diet or climate, menstrual cycle may also change.

It happens especially often when switching to a strict diet. The lack of nutrients is experienced as a stress by woman’s body, and as a response, a period may be skipped.

Change of climate conditions or time zone has a similar effect: our body has to adapt itself for new situation and new environment.

If these factors are present, they may the origin of menstrual problems. Wait and give your body time – the cycle will renew.

Hormonal shift

Female organism is a complicatedly organized system which responds even to subtle changes in endocrine profile. All the actions in reproductive system are running on mainly under the stimulus of progesterone and estrogen. The imbalance of these two hormones almost inevitably leads to irregular menstrual cycle. So, if you are looking up how to make your period come sooner, the inevitable condition is launch the cycle again first. Only then could you try to adjust your period further very carefully.

Overweight and underweight as factors of menstrual cycle regularity

Overweight and underweight often break the menstrual cycle. The factor of weight is in correlation with a previous one, as overweight provokes the excess of estrogen.

As for underweight, it causes the regression of all functions of the body, menstrual cycle included. In this case, when get and maintain normal weight, we will have our normal cycle back.

Stressful situations and menstrual cycle

Stressful situations are not only traumatizing forms of experience, but also “lighter” factors, such as minor conflicts and discomfort, lack of sleep and chronic fatigue.

Obviously, in order to establish your period, you’d better avoid the factors which interfere with it. And do not wonder how to make your period come now because:

  • the possibility to succeed is slight;
  • it is more practical to define first the reason for delay.

Remember that experiments with your body may have long playing negative effect in future.