How to make your period come later: guide to the most popular solutions


Each menstrual period is valuable as it proves woman’s health, balance in her body and her capacity to conceive, but in some situations it may pose a problem – that’s why many women sooner or later type in Google a sort of ‘how to make your period come later’ question. This question is especially urgent in summer – the time of vacations.

The answers and solutions are numerous, but how to choose the good one? Here we analyze postponing your period with a help of COCs (we have also one more article about the ways to postpone your period naturally).

Ways to make your period come later with COC

COCs (combined oral contraceptives) are often used not only for contraception purpose but also to prevent menstrual bleeding.

What is the principle of COC effect? There are normally 21 pills in each package. The pills are optimally taken starting from the first day of menstrual cycle and during 21 days throughout the cycle. And then, a break of 7 days is previewed for bleeding. The idea is to launch and maintain a stable cycle of 28 days.

If you are already taking monophasic pills, you just should skip a break of 7 days. When the pack comes to an end, go on the next day with a second one.

In case you are on multiphasic pills meant for three phases, while starting a new pack, go on immediately with the pills of a third phase. In this case, a contraceptive effect would be partly diminished. To secure contraception, additional measures, such as condom, are not to be neglected.

These were suggestions for making a period later for women already having experience with COCs. At the same time, most of women do not normally take COCs.

If you are not currently taking COCs, you can start monophasic pills any day of the cycle but no sooner than in three days before the typical date of bleeding start. And then go on with the package. In about three days after you take the last pill, period will start.

To consider before trying to change the dates of period

If you administer yourself any pills, you assume the whole responsibility for possible side effects which can entail severe health related problems:

  • Menstruation can disappear completely for months and reestablishing the balance may be difficult;
  • Take into account your age, habits and overall health. If your age is above 35, if you are smoking or thrombosis prone, in is not recommended to take COCs for postponing your bleeding;
  • In case of hepatic disorders or cardiovascular diseases, taking contraceptive pills for making you period come later is strongly prohibited.

For our grandmothers and even mothers it was difficult to control the date of their period. Nowadays, we have pharmaceutical solutions, but they are to be used cautiously.

If you intend to postpone your period, be sure to consult a gynecologist who would evaluate potential risks.