How to make your period come faster


Sometimes period falls on long-expected vacation, or wedding day, or romantic holiday – this is not the complete list of situations when you wonder how to make your period come faster so that it comes and end before the important event.

If your are looking for ways to make you period come faster (we are talking about the shift of 2-3 days), it is possible. You may take in herbs or resort to home remedies, but only in case intolerance is not observed. Be especially careful and respect the dosage. Folk remedies are based mainly on products you can easily find in your kitchen, but even the most harmless products can affect your health when used incompetently.

Red wine can make period come faster: you should drink a glass of warm red wine and then take a hot bath. The period normally will come this very day or the following day. It works only on case you need your period 1-2 days sooner.

For a fast result, it is effective to bathe your legs in hot water. The period will start in next 1-2 days, but this way is not recommended for those having problems with veins.

How to make period come faster with medicals

Modern pharmacology makes control of menstrual bleeding absolutely possible. However, it is not advisable to play with your cycle without really significant reasons. It may affect your reproductive system and the whole woman’s body. Before applying any method listed in this article, estimate all pros and cons.

First of all, let’s break one myth. It is often said that taking in a lot of vitamin C makes bleeding begin sooner. In fact, quite the opposite is true: vitamin C will postpone the bleeding as it strengthens the blood vessels. What is more, excessive intake of this vitamin can entail ulcers of gastrointestinal tract and kidney-stones.

Can you make your period come faster with oral contraceptives?

The use of COCs must be scrupulously justified. Any COC (even from the latest generation) makes a vast effect on woman’s body. The three-phase COCs generally have a milder effect than the one-phase ones. Nonetheless, any hormonal drug is to be taken only on gynecologist’s consult (as each COC has considerable side effects not to be neglected).

If you are already on COCs, stop taking them, several days earlier than recommended. Do not forget to add additional means of contraception throughout the next 1-2 weeks.

COCs will be effective only in case you are taking them during 3 months or more.

Use of COCs for control on your cycle may provoke a hormonal shift with unpredictable consequences: from oligoovulation to losing the ability to conceive. That’s why define first if it is really impossible to do without changing a date of menstrual bleeding.

Exercises for making period start sooner

When you need to make period start 1-2 days faster, you may go to gym and give a good work to your abdominals. After that, take a very hot bath for at least 15-20 minutes.

Pleasant “exercise” for this purpose is making love – which stimulates vaginal muscles.

Also, before taking any measures, make certain that you are not pregnant as almost all methods listed above can provoke an abortion.